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Wedding invitations and etiquette have evolved significantly over the years. Hand-calligraphed invitations with formal sir names have been replaced with modern informal printed invites and sometimes even digital invitations sent through email. We’ll teach you all about wedding invitations and etiquette so you can decide which traditions to uphold and which to put your own […]

Today’s Wedding Invite Etiquette Questions Answered

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We’re all about the details at your wedding—cakes, flowers, and monogrammed invites. But we want to let you in one of our best wedding design secrets: lighting! Lighting is one of those things that sounds more functional than beautiful. But, done well, it has a HUGE impact on making the design come to life at […]

Stylish and Chic Wedding Lighting Ideas


When planning your wedding, having an expert wedding planner on your side will most certainly save you time, money, and lots of frustration. But wedding planners aren’t one-size-fits-all. It’s important to understand their unique approach and style for wedding planning to make sure it jives with you and the kind of support you’re looking for. […]

How We Approach Wedding Planning


We are lucky to have so many amazing wedding venues in Milwaukee! From beautiful lakefront venues like The Milwaukee Art Museum to funky warehouse buildings like South Second, you have a lot of great places to consider for your wedding day. But how to pick the right wedding venue for your wedding? When we talk […]

How to Pick the Right Wedding Venue

How to Pick the Right Wedding Venue in Milwaukee, WI


The day you get engaged is the start of a whole new life together! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, suddenly you are “in it together” in a whole new way. As Milwaukee’s most trusted wedding and event planners, we hear a lot from clients that taking the first steps towards planning is […]

Budgeting for Your Wedding: The First Steps You Need to Take



One of the things we love most about weddings is their diversity; no two are ever the same. From a 200-person black-tie affair at the Art Museum to a group of 50 in an elegant backyard wedding. Big or small, having a point person who understands your unique wedding day wishlist is crucial. Let’s break […]

The “Day-Of” Wedding Planner Myth